Invitation & Welcome Message:
Dear Colleagues and Friends With tremendous pleasure, I feel honored to announce the 13th Upper Egypt Pediatric Association 2018 Conference. The annual conference of the UEPA is a nationwide event in which representatives of national pediatric societies, associations, universities and institutions as well as

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prominent pediatricians meet together every year for the welfare of children all over the world.

The conference will be in collaboration

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with the Egyptian Pediatric Association . It will be held in one of the fantastic places in Egypt, Hurghada, for 3 days and 2 nights, from 25th – 27th of October 2018. The last year we had 500 attendees with their families and this year we expecting to have more than 600 physicians.

UEPA conference is a land mark pediatric conference with

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state of the art lectures, presentations, and discussion moderated by a selected number of national and international pediatric experts. The event will provide an opportunity for pediatricians from all over the country to meet and exchange their knowledge and experience. ​It ​is ​trying ​to ​bring, ​the ​North ​and ​the ​South ​together ​and ​reduce ​the ​gap ​between ​both ​areas.

Be our guest for the forthcoming 13th UEPA conference in Hurghada where you can enjoy the outstanding environment, culture, hospitality and science. We will make your stay in Hurghada an

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style=”text-align: right;”>Best regards

Prof. Mohamed H. Ghazaly
Professor in Pediatrics
Assuit University
President of the conference.

Prof. Magdy Moustafa Kamel
Professor in Pediatrics,
Minia University
Secretary General of the conference

Under Patronage

Professor Ahmed El-Saeed Younes
President of EPA, Egypt,
Honorary President of the Conference

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center;”>Professor Mohamed Hamdy Ghazaly
President of UEP Association,
President of the Conference

Professor Magdy Moustafa Kamel
Professor in Pediatrics, Vice Dean,
Faculty of Medicine, Minia University,
Secretary General of the Conference

Professor Emad Hammad

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Professor in Pediatrics, Vice Dean,
Faculty of Medicine, Assuit University,
Coordinator of the Conference

Meet our Keynote Speakers

Prof. Mohamed Hamdy Ghazaly

President of UEPA

Prof. Moustafa El-Saeed

Vice President of UEPA

Prof. Magdy Moustafa Kamel

Secratery General, UEPA

Prof. Emmad Hammad

Treasurer, UEPA

Prof. Samir Tamer Abdallah

Board Member

Prof. Essam Mekamer

Board member


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